How to become a member of the Order of the Eastern Star

You may contact the Grand Chapter Office or one of the members of the Membership Connection, their information is located in “About OESNY”.
You may download the Petition for Membership from this site and mail it to a local Chapter which can found in the Chapter Section of this site. There is a fee for joining and it varies by chapter so it may be advantageous to contact the local chapter first in order to know what fee they require to be returned with the petition.

Who Qualifies For Membership

• Any female 18 years of age or older who is related to a Master Mason in good standing ( or was in good standing if now deceased) by bloodline, marriage or friendship with one who will sponsor her.
• Any Master Mason in good standing in his Lodge.
• In order to be eligible such persons shall be a resident of New York State for six months immediately preceding the date of the petition for membership
• Petitioner must believe in the existence of a Supreme Being in order to be eligible for membership as stated on the petition for membership.

Famous Members

*Clara Barton *Caroline Ingalls *Eva McGowan *Eleanor Roosevelt
*Zora Neal Hurston *Nikki Giovanni *Maya Angelou *Laura Ingalls Wilder
*Dale Evans *Rosa Lee Parks *Colleen Dewhurst *Rhoda Fox Graves *Everett M. Dirksen *Barbara Mandrell *President Harry S. Truman *Just to name a few…

Download Petition for Membership

Youth Group Membership

The Order of the Eastern Star provides support to members of several Masonic youth organizations. Links to their individual websites can be found on the Home Page. These Masonic Youth Organizations are Constellation of Junior Stars (females ages 11-21), Organization of Triangle Inc. (female ages 11-21), International Order of Rainbow for Girls (female ages 11-21) and DeMolay for Boys (male ages 12-21). The purpose of these youth groups is to train these fine young citizens to be leaders in the community and to be potential members and perhaps future leaders of our country.


DeMolay Website –
Rainbow Website –
Triangle Website –