Our 2023-2024 Term is Well Underway

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MW Deirdre McCauley and MW Edward Mosso

We have enjoyed time with our families and friends throughout the holiday season. We were able to share time in Florida with the Grand Lodge officers meeting up with many of our members who reside outside of New York State. We will enjoy spending time in March with our General Grand members and officers and then our work really begins in earnest.

March 16th our official visits begin as we make every effort to meet and greet our members throughout New York State. We along with our Grand Line officers and commissioners will bring messages relative to the activities our organization is engaged in. We hope to inspire members to get active and stay active. We will recognize members for their years of service in each district, where the Deputy arranges it.

As you can see by the charities we have chosen we are dedicated to supporting our veterans and first responders. They put themselves out there to serve their communities and their country. They pay a huge price and we owe it to them to enhance their lives whenever and wherever we can. We hope that the members across New York State and beyond will join us in our efforts to support these courageous men and women.

We are also truly invested in our membership. We are working with our membership committee to help build membership and learn ways to retain members after they have joined. We encourage all, to take a lead and show friends and family what a wonderful organization we have and encourage them to join in our good work. As we travel throughout the state this year we will take great pleasure in meeting as many members as possible and renewing many friendships along the way.

In Fraternal Love and Friendship,

MW Deirdre McCauley
Grand Matron

MW Edward Mosso
Grand Patron