Spring is in the air

oesny-flowerSpring is in the air and our Sisters and Brothers are getting restless. It has been a long year of isolating, distancing and self-preservation. Many chapters are getting back to the business of meeting in person, with careful consideration of the fact this pandemic is not over. We encourage social gatherings so long as you keep distanced, wear masks and continue to sanitize. While the Grand Matron and Grand Patron have cancelled their formal official visits, they are still open to attending small celebrations whenever they are invited. We are working with a committee to review the feasibility of having a Bazaar on our Campus in Oriskany in July and a Grand Session in October. News is shared regularly on our OES newsletter. If you do not get the newsletter and are interested, contact the Grand Secretary to be put on the list. We wish you well as you start to open your lives again and look forward to seeing many of our sisters and brothers as opportunities present themselves.

Sincerely….. Jane Stuart; Grand Matron and Michael Kessler; Grand Patron.